Every dog is an individual!

The Ultimate Data Dog. Sources: American Kennel Club, Canine Inherited Disorders Database. Credits: Concept & design by David McCandless Research by Miriam Quick Dog artwork by Andrew Park
A screenshot of the web tool, be available at https://darwinsark.org/muttomics

The design process

  1. Initial conceptualization
Selfie, taken during the first in-person meeting of the team
An early conceptual sketch from Andrés
The traditional bar chart
Different chart types we considered for the visualization, the square pie chart (top-left), the paw chart (top-right), the progress bar chart (bottom-left), and the square area chart (bottom-right)
The tree map sketch
Using a dog’s paw shape to create an unusually looking chart
A sketch illustrating the discussion about the alternative two visualization methods: square area and count
The animated waffle chart
The charts are shaped as bone (top) and a dog’s body (bottom)
The alternative version for young children, could be displayed on a touchscreen device
The visual style guide
One of the earlier web tool mockups
The tags explain the user selections
The paper as a cover story in the Science magazine, read it at https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abk0639




Colubri Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Colubri Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

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