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Pictures of Operation Outbreak simulations at Sarasota Military Academy Prep School
  • Add new functionality to the app such as offline activities, “social distancing” scorecards, and new avatar designs in order to increase engagement.
  • Implement a “visual pathogen creator” in the admin tool, so users who are not epidemiology experts can still configure their own custom simulations.
  • Construct new epidemiological models that can be used to parametrize simulations and potentially be applied to describe real-life outbreaks.
  • Add a virtual genome to the pathogens in the app, so they can mutate and “evolve” by changing parameters such as infectivity and virulence. The synthetic sequencing data could then be used to test phylogenetic tree reconstruction methods.




Colubri Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Colubri Lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

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